06 JULY 2012 – Oops! Magazine

Sweet Naturally Bakery Oops Magazine

Sweet Naturally Bakery Oops Magazine

クッキーにバナナブレッド、目 移りするほど美味しそうなスイー ツが並ぶ『Sweet Naturally』は、 Frances さんと Dickson さん夫妻 が経営する Baking & Catering の お店。「素材はすべてローカル&オーガニックのものを使用してるんだ。
調理に使うベーキングペーパーなども、環境 に優しいものを選んでいるよ」と Dickson さ ん。また、グルテンフリーなど、アレルギー のある人でも安心して食べられるスイーツが 揃っているのも魅力。ヘルシーで美味しいス イーツを片手に、マーケットを散策してみて は?

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23 MAY 2011 – Real Wedding Magazine

Sweet Naturally Bakery Real Wedding Magazine

“Vanilla cake lollipops with cream cheese icing and mini orange bundt cakes, all organic by Sweet Naturally Baked Goods”…

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10 MAY 2011 – Granville Online

Sweet Naturally Granville Online Epic Expo

“The sweetest thing about Vancouver’s Sweet Naturally is that they use all-natural ingredients and 100 percent compostable baking paper to create the most delicious baked treats. They do everything from cupcakes to wedding cakes”…

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28 MAY 2010 – North Shore News

Sweet Naturally North Shore News Epic Expo

“That’s one of the (things) that sets us apart from a lot of bakers and bakeries out there,” says Tsai. “Not only do we use organic ingredients, we try to use ingredients that are from B.C.”

“They don’t use any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, food colouring or stabilizers. Their approach results in them getting special orders for individuals with specific dietary requests — for example, those looking for gluten-free or vegan desserts — which they’re happy to fill.”…

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26 MAY 2010 – The Vancouver Sun

Sweet Naturally Vancouver Sun Epic Expo

“Organic bakery Sweet Naturally will be displaying a dessert buffet, featuring a three-tiered cake, macaroons, cupcakes and cookies made from local and organic flour, eggs and dairy products. Even their baking papers and cupcake liners are unbleached and 100 per cent compostable…”

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19 FEB 2010 – Real Weddings Magazine Blog

Sweet Naturally Real Wedding Magazine Blog

“Sweet Naturally’s cake lollies not only look cute, but also taste amazing and are made, whenever possible, with organic, fresh, and natural ingredients. The ones we sampled were a delectable and moist chocolate and organic raspberry preserve cake with dark chocolate buttercream…”

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